Michael Beaumont

About Me

My name is Michael Beaumont and I am a junior at Cumberland High School. I have a passion for business, stocks, and finance and work part time for Carl’s Pizza. My professional goals are to open a sneaker store and invest in rental real estate. My biggest hobby is playing soccer at St. Louis Scott Gallagher out of Collinsville Illinois. I also play football, run cross country, and track.






DISC Characteristics

  • You are likely the one to initiate action before others. You can become critical of others who don't measure up to your standards. You like to have variety and a faster pace. You prefer to focus on the big-picture and the future, not the details or the past. Your patience is likely not great and you can become impatient when things don't happen quickly enough for you. You prefer a minimum of direct supervision or control over your actions.
  • You make an effective coach or counselor for others on the team. You prefer to deal with people and get results with and through them rather than by yourself. You like to have an open-door policy with both peers and supervisors. You prefer an environment with plenty of people contact. You can be pretty disorganized and lack great attention to detail. You strongly prefer a democratic and not dictatorial professional environment or relationships.
  • You bring a metered sense of urgency to get things done now, but not without some planning and thought. You work well in a variety of environments and on a wide selection or projects or tasks. You prefer a moderately structured environment, not too much - not too little. You are comfortable acting alone to determine the best course of action. Unexpected events don't drive you crazy. They can be something of a welcomed change. You appreciate the need of others to have more freedom and less structure.
  • You can be skeptical of brand new ideas or fads until they are sufficiently proven. You like to work in an environment that is very precise and more structured. You possess excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability. You believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly the first time. You may be perceived as somewhat resistant to change. You think it is important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions or procedures.